3 Common Marketing Misconceptions

The term “marketing” has a wide spread of ideologies and beliefs therefore misinformation about marketing can often sound like the truth. Choosing to believe misinformation can be a great danger to your business and ultimately damage your business in the long run. Below we’ve outlined some of the most common misconceptions about marketing that we think needs some clarity!

1. Small Businesses Should Not Waste Time or Money on Marketing

Small businesses might not have as much time or money as larger companies but this does not mean that marketing is a complete waste- it is actually quite the opposite. An effective marketing plan for small businesses needs to be thought out strategically in order to save time and money. You will find that as your business begins to grow as a result of an effective marketing strategy, you’ll have more time and money to dedicate to the marketing process.

2. Marketing Should Produce Fast Results

If you aren’t seeing a payoff to your marketing strategy immediately, surely you must be doing something wrong, right? Wrong! Just as all things in life – good things take time. It may take many clicks before one individual decides to make a purchase, book an appointment or fill in a form- and that’s okay! You’re competing against thousands of similar companies when you start a marketing campaign so it is best to not be too hard on yourself and adjust your expectations surrounding time accordingly.

3. Quality Products and Services Will Sell Themselves

Advertising your products or services is extremely important for your business to succeed. It is critical to build a good, trustworthy name for your products or services. If you still aren’t sold, consider this: why do major corporations like Apple, Disney, Samsung and McDonald’s market their products so much if their products could sell on their own?

We hope that this article cleared up a few of your marketing misconceptions. If you have an further questions or would like to get started on your marketing strategy, contact Shrike Marketing & Design today!